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Delta Corp is thrilled

Delta Corp is thrilled with the formation of a new company, Delta Energy Bunker to make its entry into the global marine fuels & renewable energy market. Headquartered in Rotterdam and with further trading offices in London, Hamburg, St Petersburg, Geneva, Seoul and Singapore, the company has a new physical supply operation in the UK
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Chris Todd Welcome Message

It is fair to say that 2020 wasn’t what anyone could have predicted. However, 2021 we start with something I take great pleasure in announcing and something I consider to be very special. The start of our new bunker company Delta Energy has been a long time in the making and something I have personally
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2021: What’s In The Box?

CHRIS MORGAN: IMO2020 with its sweeping, seismic new sulphur restrictions wasnt even slightly The biggest thing to happen to shipping last year. There is something almost comforting in moving our collective glance back to the same issue that has been worrying credit managers since 2008: poor market rates in the box sector. The container market